Today…Santiago stole his friends food

The school year is coming to an end and I had Santiago’s end of the year meeting with his teachers yesterday. Santiago is doing great, he’s a great little nino, has come a long way over the past ano and the teachers love him.  He is talking a ton saying things like truck, pato, agua, bottle, more, I did it, mano, pie, oso, poto, and much more. His physical skills, like eating with a spoon/fork, running, jumping, are all improving. It’s amazing to see the difference from 1 year old to 2 years old, it’s like night and day. At this time last year he wasn’t even walking, now he’s my little maniac:)

So back to the meeting; the teachers asked me yesterday if Santiago really ate as healthy as he does at school at home. I of course said yes (I send him leftovers from dinner for his lunch).  They encouraged me and told me how great it was; however, Santiago will sometimes get a little jealous of the other kids food and while they are looking away during lunch reach over and eat the other kids food:) I had no idea. Poor little Santiago.

On another note, Andres is growing like a weed and moving around a ton by just rolling from one side of the room to the other. We started giving him food last week. He has eaten platano, camote, and avena so far. He’s a doll, super patient and just wonderful to be around. He makes everyone in the room smile. My sweet little Andres, Santiago can’t wait to play with you!


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