Today…My boys are 2 years & 6 months + 1 week

Andres & Santiago turned 2 years old and 6 months last Tuesday, June 9, 2015.  Time flies. Can’t believe Santiago is already 2. He’s talking up a storm, forming 2 to 3 word sentences and today I heard him count his blueberries on his own for the first time, uno, dos, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve (he skips 3 for whatever reason). Oh and my little sister Megan called me just a few hours ago, she’s pregnant. Unexpected but overall a good thing.

Looking forward to seeing her in August, she’ll be showing by then.

Since Santiago has been out of school, he started summer camp at Geneva Day School. He’s into his second week and he likes it OK. Oh and I’ve decided I’m definitely sending him to Spring Bilingual. I met his teachers a few weeks ago and went to a class and really liked it.  I think it’s the best decision as far as language and being in a safe environment where he feels comfortable speaking both English & Spanish. He’s speaking much more Spanish than English these days.

We had a big birthday bash for Santiago last weekend. He had so much fun at his party. I was worried he would be nervous and afraid since there were so many people but all in all he had a great time. He ended up with a ton of blue icing everywhere.

And Andres is eating more, he’s smiling more, and he’s moving around more. He can sit in the Stoke chair on his own now and barely falls forward. He’s still not strong enough to lift up his body on his own but he’s getting there. He’s starting to get Mamitis already…this will pass as it always does for all mothers out there.

I love my little baby munecas:)


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