Today I…had a busy but fun day

It’s been great having our kitchen back. Though this week I only cooked 3 times, I was at least able to host Mothers Day and finally cook for my Mother in Law last Sunday.  This week was a bit busy with birthday parties and baby showers; overall a fun.

I realized today how easy I have had it with my two little ninos.  Though I’m not religious I feel they are both a blessing in my life and thank God, or that higher being for gracing me with such beautiful, loving, and easy little boys.  At the birthday party this morning chatter was filled with talk about crying babies, constant allergies, and blood in stool and I just listened not really having much to add, which made me realize how great my boys are:)

Work has been great as well. The most exciting thing I’m working on now is working with a women to implement and introduce a Health & Wellness Program which I’m super excited about. In addition to some cosmetic changes which are leading to a fundamental shift in our workplace culture, so that’s pretty awesome.

I’m working on everyday being grateful, everyday loving life, and everyday working to improve myself, my home and my family. Little by little. Off to organize my closet and Andres’s room. So much to do, so little time. You know all those important things:) Until next time…


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