Today…They almost finished my kitchen

It’s been 6 weeks since they started today and they’re finally almost done! We now have a fully functional beautiful new kitchen:) Yay!  A few small things they are coming back for next week, but besides that it has been an awesome experience from start to finish and we’ve had so much help along the way from abuela y su familia. Without them we would have been staying in a hotel for 6 weeks, rather than 4 days (we stayed in a hotel while they were working on our floors).

This week, back to eating at home, making dinner for my family, and spending more well-needed time at home reorganizing our lives and our stuff. It’s May and the year is almost half over, it’s crazy how time flies at lightening speed these days, tomorrow Andres will be 5 months and Santiago 23 months (only a month left to cumplir 6 mese y 2 anos).  Still debating what I’m going to do for these big acheivements. Anyways, I’m extremely tired and have fallen asleep twice while writing this.

Unit next time…


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