Today I…Found Many Things to be Grateful For

Today I started the day off getting ready for work, folding laundry, breastfeeding, and then hearing that sweet little voice from the other room, Mommy, Mommy, Mommy…called Santiago.  I ran into the room to see a big smile on his face.  That smile makes me melt everyday. I love my little Santiago. Almost ready to leave, knock, knock. “Oooooh” says Santiago, wondering who’s there. We go downstairs and of course it’s the workers. Three weeks left with our kitchen project.  I must say Brothers Services has been awesome so far. Everyday they work, they clean up the work area impeccably. You would only know they were there because of the fact that we have no kitchen currently.

Anyways, off to school.  Santiago is getting accustomed to school again, which is honestly so great.  Not as many tears, not as much guilt. Then off to work.  Got a bunch done, despite the fact that my mother-in-law left for an hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon, was a bit frustrating, but you live through it, you put things in perspective and you do what you need to do.

All-in-all, the day was pretty normal. Andres was as sweet as can be as usual, a few cries, but mainly smiles, coos and burps. He’s a sweet baby and is more and more alert everyday. Santiago wakes him up, especially when he unintentionally grabs his arm and scratches the skin off:(  Sitting hear, finishing up work, going to eat dinner hear at my MOL’s and then possibly off to the park and then home.

Loving my babies, my husband, my work, and my family. A lot to be grateful for:)


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